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Elliot Heidelberger is committed to helping individuals who need Orders of Protection as well as those who have been falsely accused of domestic violence in relation to divorce settlements. Mr. Heidelberger has helped clients throughout the metropolitan area of Chicago — including Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Arlington Heights — protect their rights and interests.

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Orders of protection are sought in independently of divorce as well as in divorce cases in anticipation of or following a violent event. Orders of Protection provide potentially abused persons and abused persons a broad range of protection. The abuser may be barred from the family home and the person who was abused may be granted exclusive occupancy of the home. In addition, Orders of Protection can provide for supervised visitation in cases where there is a reasonable fear that a child or children may be abducted.

Since orders of protection may give exclusive access to the family home and can be used as evidence in child custody hearing, it is important to make sure false allegations made in an effort to gain advantage in a divorce dispute are not successful. If successful, there are long-term and serious consequences to any violation of these orders, even if they are based on spurious claims.

Elliot Heidelberger has helped many clients navigate the legal minefield involved in petitioning for Orders of Protection as well as protecting the rights of those falsely accused of domestic violence, by preventing the Order from being granted. He has been handling complex issues related to divorce and Orders of Protection for more than forty five years.

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If you are currently involved in a divorce or are considering filing for an Order of Protection or Divorce and need legal advice regarding marital and non-marital issues, please contact Elliot Heidelberger. Our experienced lawyer will provide the legal advice necessary to protect your rights and interests.