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Divorce, business and financial reversals often go together. Stress regarding serious economic concerns or disagreements can lead to divorce and, likewise, divorce can lead to financial problems when important money issues go un-addressed or are addressed improperly.

Elliot Heidelberger brings over 45 years of legal experience to legal challenges faced by high-net-worth couples facing divorce. Does your current budget include some or all of the following fixed expenses:

  • Car payments for expensive cars?
  • Mortgage payments for expensive homes and second homes?
  • Association and club membership fees?
  • Payments for luxury items like boats, costly furniture and other high-end items?

When you or your spouse moves out and/or a separation is anticipated, it’s important to make decisions that make financial sense. You need to get legal help in managing finances that will lead to financial health and an outcome that is fair to you. Elliot Heidelberger can negotiate and litigate high-net-worth divorce-related disagreements regarding dual payments, unfair payment allotments and other issues that can lead to strain for you and your family.

Experience Handling All Aspects of High-Net Worth Divorce in Illinois

Elliot Heidelberger can help you address and manage financial issues during divorce ranging from the division of investment accounts to determination the ownership of co-mingled property. He can also help with more personal issues, like the management of kids’ expectations when less money is available for vacations and purchases following a divorce. Elliot Heidelberger has practiced family law since 1966 and his commitment to family law is further illustrated by the following involvements and honors:

  • He is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML)
  • He has been named by his peers as an Illinois Leading Lawyer and Super Lawyer in the area of Family Law
  • Cook County judges have appointed him as a Guardian ad Litem and Children’s Representative in cases involving custody and visitation disputes in Cook County

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