Enforcement of Court Orders


Court Order Enforcement

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Family law disputes and even amicably resolved family law challenges can lead to numerous court orders. Family law-related court orders most often involve:

  • Child Support Obligations
  • Visitation Rights
  • Settlement Agreements, including clauses in which a party agrees to pay for something (like a child’s daycare expenses or future college cost) or to transfer property (like furniture or real estate)
  • Alimony/Spousal Maintenance

When a party fails to follow the terms of a court order, the aggrieved party can petition the court to find the party in contempt of court. The court has the authority to take numerous actions, including:

  • Incarcerating the offending party until he or she complies with the court order
  • Garnishing wages and tax refunds
  • Revoking rights

Has your child’s other parent breached your child custody or visitation agreement? Has your former spouse ceased paying child support or spousal maintenance payments? Is your former spouse withholding property that is rightfully yours under the terms of your settlement agreement?

Elliot Heidelberger can provide knowledgeable and experienced legal help regarding the enforcement of court orders. He has successfully pursued support payments and property from parties who are in arrears or in contempt; and, Illinois law now makes wage deduction mandatory when child support payments are received, greatly increasing your chances of payment. To learn more about our firm and court order enforcement, contact us at (847) 497-5020.