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The dissection of personal finances can become incredibly complicated when the party is self-employed, and crucial questions almost always immediately arise. What is the person’s true income? Is all income recorded and accounted for? And what constitutes income?

Elliot Heidelberger has handled disputes in Chicago involving child support, spousal support and property division for over 45 years. He can provide experienced and knowledgeable legal help in divorce cases involving the self employed. For example:

  • He represents support recipients and can efficiently address concerns regarding self-employed persons’ hidden assets and income, “gray areas” concerning business and personal income, and the review of income taxes, pay stubs, invoices and unrecorded income.
  • He represents support payors and can work to prove that claimed expenses are legitimate, that records kept prior to the divorce are accurate, and that write-offs regarding a home office, car and other expenses are legitimate.

Elliot Heidelberger can help you resolve a broad range of legal issues that arise due to the complexities that self-employment can bring. For instance, an audit of business records is sometimes needed. Retained earnings (profits that are made but not distributed) may need to be accounted for or protected. And deductions allowed by the IRS may not be recognized by family law courts when determining self-employed persons’ income.

If you are a potential recipient or payor in a divorce involving self employment, hire a knowledgeable attorney to ensure your rights are fully protected. To learn more about our firm and your rights during divorce, contact us at at our Naperville, Hanover Park and Chicago offices at (847) 497-5020.

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