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Under Illinois visitation laws non-custodial parents are almost always granted some visitation rights. Numerous factors, however, can affect the terms of the visits, including the length and frequency of visits and whether the visits include overnights and weekend time. Factors include:

  • The ages of the children
  • The contact the non-custodial parent (usually the father) had with the children prior to the visitation schedule
  • Whether the non-custodial parent can care for the child alone if the child is an infant or toddler


If you face a current or pending visitation dispute, Elliot Heidelberger can provide effective and experienced legal help. For instance:

  • He can work to negotiate parenting time arrangements between you and the other parent
  • He can represent you in court if you and the other parent cannot agree on a plan
  • He can work to modify your visitation rights/parenting plan if it no longer works for you or your child
  • If you violate your parenting plan, you may face a misdemeanor charge and potential jail time. He can represent, advocate for your rights and fight an order of protection

Courts are most concerned with the child’s well being. Will the child be safe, comfortable and relaxed in an environment that is emotionally and physically safe? Has the child ever been to the other home before? Elliot Heidelberger can recommend and handle solutions ranging from parenting classes to aggressive courtroom representation.

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