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Elliot Heidelberger: Chicago Grandparent Visitation Rights

Elliot Heidelberger in Hanover Park, Illinois, has helped grandparents assert their rights to visitation. Under Illinois law, in specific situations grandparents have the ability to petition the court to allow them to see their grandchildren if the custodial parent unreasonably denies them visitation. Attorney Eliot Heidelberger will put his forty-five years of legal experience, thirty of which devoted to family law, to make sure you are able to give your grandchild the necessary family contact.

Serving Grandparents and Step-siblings throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area

Elliot Heidelberger views the best interest of the child as paramount. One of the most important considerations for children is contact with their grandparents and step-siblings. In specific circumstances, if the parent with legal custody attempts to distance their child from the grandparent, it may be possible to petition for a court order to ensure that you will have scheduled visitation.

It is not an unlimited right, however, and it is important to discuss your case with an attorney. There are a series of conditions that must be met, but the rights may be able to be asserted in the case of a divorce, incarceration, and illegitimacy. Establishing paternity may also necessary as part of the process, in some cases.

Elliot Heidelberger has also arranged adoptions and guardianships for both grandparents and other relatives. He has also assisted juveniles in the termination of parental rights.

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