Child Support


How Child Support Payment Amounts Are Determined in Illinois

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Because child support payments can determine whether a custodial parent will be able to amply provide for his or her child, many divorcing parents (and parents involved in paternity actions) need to know how child support payment amounts are calculated.

Though there are many complexities that can factor into child support payments, they are generally factored by taking into account how many children are involved. Noncustodial parents pay the following percentages of their incomes based on the number of children needing support:

  • One child—20 percent of income
  • Two children—28 percent of income
  • Three children—32 percent of income
  • Four children—40 percent of income

Other common factors that affect the percentages include:

  • The income of both parents
  • The cost of child care
  • Whether or not the paying parent takes care of health insurance and other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Even college expenses may be factored in

Elliot Heidelberger has handled hundreds of cases involving child support and served as court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem . He has also taught classes regarding child-related law. He can make sure all factors are taken into fair consideration when determining a child support plan for your family. He can also help you file for child support modification if there has been a significant change to you or your former spouse’s financial situation or a change in the needs of your child.

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