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Child custody issues are often the most emotional and complex part of any divorce. Elliot Heidelberger is committed to helping his clients resolve child custody issues with a minimal impact on parents and children.

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In order to make decisions that advance your child custody goals and support the best interests of your children, it’s important to understand Illinois child custody law.

In Illinois parents can be assigned either joint custody or sole custody. An important distinction between these two types of custody is that they are not distinguished by how much parent/child time is allotted. Instead, they are distinguished by who makes decisions.

Both parents can make “everyday” decisions about the child when they are with the child. Bigger decisions about healthcare, education and religious upbringing, though, are made by the custodial parent. Disagreements are resolved through mediation and, if necessary, court litigation.

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When you understand the courts’ criteria, you have a better idea of your options.

One important fact to bear in mind is that Illinois child custody laws do not have a bias toward mothers or fathers. Instead, the guiding principle is that the best interest of the child must be pursued.

To that end, courts have the discretion to factor in children’s custody preferences. As the child grows and matures, his or her preference will likely carry more weight with the court.

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Elliot Heidelberger, has handled hundreds of child custody and visitation cases and can provide knowledgeable counsel and experienced legal help.

In addition to our casework experience, team includes an instructor of custody and visitation law (to mental health professionals) and an attorney appointed by the courts to advocate directly for children. To learn more about our firm and child custody law, contact us at our Naperville, Hanover Park and Chicago offices (847) 497-5020.