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Elliot Heidelberger provides representation when parties seek the adoption of children. After a child is born out of wedlock and often after divorce and remarriage, many of our clients ask about the right to have their new spouse adopt their child or children. Often when an individual re-marries their new spouse is interested in adopting a child from a former marriage. These are generally referred to as related adoptions because one of the petitioning parents is related to the child by blood. Elliot Heidelberger is committed to helping his clients strengthen their family bonds through step-parent and grandparent adoptions.

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The main obstacle to most Illinois stepparent adoptions is locating and gaining consent from the other parent who is the natural mother or father. In order for an adoption to be approved by the court, the natural mother and father must voluntarily consent to the adoption or be given notice of the petition and the opportunity to object. The process includes obtaining consents or serving papers on the parent. If the parent does not consent and cannot be found at their last known address, it is necessary to publish notice of the adoption in a publication of general circulation for thirty consecutive days.

Our Illinois adoption attorney has assisted in numerous stepparent adoptions. He carefully and fully explains the adoption process, as well as the rights and consequences that result from a stepparent adoption. This will include the loss of child support payments as well as legal rights and responsibilities.

In addition to stepparent adoptions, Elliot Heidelberger has assisted in several grandparent adoptions. Grandparent adoptions work generally the same as stepparent adoptions and require the consent of the natural mother and father or serving notice of the proceeding on them. He has also helped grandparent’s assert their visitation rights when they have been denied by the custodial parents.

If adoption is not the best solution, court ordered guardianship may be a viable alternative for those who need to have legal responsibility for a child or children.

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If you are interested in information or legal advice regarding a step-parent or grandparent adoption or Guardianship, please contact Elliot Heidelberger. Our experienced lawyer will provide the legal advice necessary to protect your interests and the interests of your children.