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Elliot Heidelberger places a special emphasis on children’s rights. As the firm founder Elliot Heidelberger has served as court-appointed Children’s Representative and Guardians ad Litem, representing children in cases involving custody, paternity and visitation disputes. Mr. Heidelberger has also worked as instructor for Lohman Educational Services, teaching mental health professionals regarding child custody and visitation issues law.

Elliot Heidelberger’s child-related practice areas include:

  • Child Custody. He can work with you to explain your options regarding sole, joint and physical custody.
  • Visitation. He can represent you in negotiations and in court as you seek visitation rights while balancing your goals with the court’s goal to support the best interests of your child.
  • Child Support. He will help you understand how Illinois courts calculate how much child support income parents pay and receive.
  • Modifications. In order to modify a joint custody order, there would have to be a substantial change in circumstances of the child or the parents. Custody modifications must also serve the best interests of the child. The modification of visitation considers that the nonresidential parent is entitled to reasonable visitation rights.
  • Child Support and Income Tax. Child support payments are neither taxable nor deductible, but there can nonetheless be tax ramifications to child support agreements.
  • Grandparents’ Rights. Elliot Heidelberger believes that responsible and loving grandparents should have visitation rights and Illinois courts agree. He has helped grandparents seek visitation rights for over five decades.
  • Mothers’ vs. Fathers’ Rights. Since the 1960s courts presume that males and females both make good parents. However, judges are aware 50/50 custody awards can cause problems. Elliot Heidelberger can help you address issues pertaining to the need for children to have a primary residence.

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