How Support Is Determined

How Spousal Support Amounts are Determined in Illinois

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Contrary to common assumptions, spousal support is awarded in less than half of divorce cases. When it is awarded, it is often granted on a temporary basis.

Spousal support is also awarded following a review of what can be a very confusing and varied array of information. And award amounts can be hard to predict because:

  • Court guidelines do not indicate the amount of spousal maintenance
  • Relevant information can be left out when experienced legal help isn’t pursued
  • Courts prefer to award a larger share of marital property in lieu of spousal maintenance when possible

An experienced divorce lawyer can provide valuable legal help in divorce cases involving alimony by obtaining and presenting information that can affect the granting of spousal support. Courts determine the granting of spousal support based primarily on:

  • The length of the marriage (this is a very significant factor)
  • Whether or not children are involved and whether or not the recipient spouse gave up a job or career in order to raise the children
  • What property exists outside the marriage
  • Any child support award
  • The health of the individuals
  • The standard of living that existed during the marriage
  • The individuals’ ages
  • The contribution the alimony recipient made to the education or career of his or her spouse

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