Forensic analysis of income and property

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Forensic Analysis of Property Division in Illinois

The division of marital assets in a divorce requires an equitable distribution.  In order to do so, the marital estate must first be determined and all marital assets must be valued. Chicago divorce attorney, Elliot Heidelberger understands the importance of undergoing a comprehensive forensic analysis of income, assets, and debts.  Accordingly, he works with a team of property division forensic analysts, such as business valuation experts, tax advisors, and accountants in order to determine the appropriate property division for his clients.

When a complex marital estate includes business assets, a professional practice, or high-net worth assets, proper characterization and valuation of all assets is imperative to an equitable property distribution. Accordingly, property division attorney, Elliot Heidelberger consults with a team of property division forensic analysts in order to ensure that his clients receive a favorable property distribution following the divorce.  By consulting with tax consultants, accountants, and business valuation experts, he is able to properly characterize marital and non-marital assets, discover any hidden assets, determine the validity of any dissipation of marital asset claims, and properly value business assets or a professional practice.

Elliot Heidelberger consults with a team of property division forensic analysts on the following in order to properly advocate on his clients’ behalf:

•    Determine the nature and value of the marital estate
•    Analyze comparable assets in order to properly value a business
•    Analyze financing options available to the business
•    Analyze the effect of liquidation on the business, as well as the divorcing spouses
•    Investigate the nature of any inheritances
•    Discover hidden assets
•    Discover or refute claims of dissipation of marital assets
•    Determine short-term and long-term tax consequences of proposed property division
•    Properly value goodwill in a professional practice
•    Properly value any contributions of one spouse to the family and/or education of the other spouse
•    Evaluate standard of living pre- and post-divorce
•    Review financial data to determine its accuracy and reasonableness

For more than 45 years, property division attorney Elliot Heidelberger has been representing clients in divorce proceedings, including striving to receive a favorable property distribution  on behalf of his clients. Elliot Heidelberger is a Fellow of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MATRIMONIAL LAWYERS and has been named by his peers as an ILLINOIS LEADING LAWYER and SUPER LAWYER in the area of Family Law.

If you are a high net worth individual or you if you have a complex marital estate, with business assets, a professional practice, real estate investments, retirement accounts, or significant investment accounts, do not hesitate to contact  knowledgeable Illinois property division divorce attorney Elliot Heidelberger at our NapervilleHanover Park and Chicago offices ((847) 497-5020) to learn more about divorce property division options, as well as the ways in which he works with property division forensic analysts in order to reach a favorable property division.