Complex Marital Estates

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When spouses with a complex marital estate decide to divorce, property division can be complicated and disputes frequently arise.  Moreover, marital estates with complex assets, such as family-owned businesses, real estate, trusts, investments, and retirement accounts, can further complicate the equitable division of property as required by Illinois law.

Illinois complex marital estate attorney Elliot Heidelberger focus’ on helping clients with complex marital assets reach a favorable property division in a divorce.  Although he seeks to protect his client’s complex assets through carefully drafted prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, if no such agreement is in place at the time of the divorce, he will carefully analyze the nature and value of each asset in order to vigorously advocate on your behalf to ensure a favorable property division.

Divorce proceedings of high net worth clients and those with complex marital assets require a thorough investigation into the nature of marital and non-marital assets. Knowledgeable Illinois property division attorney, Elliot Heidelberger carefully scrutinizes all assets and debts of the divorcing spouses in order to determine the extent and nature of the marital estate, including particular attention to any complex marital assets.  He pays particular attention to issues related to tax consequences, the effect on child support and spousal maintenance  and any potential hidden assets.

As a knowledgeable Chicago complex marital estate attorney, Elliot Heidelberger can help clients with the following issues:


Illinois divorce attorney Elliot Heidelberger understands the importance of an accurate valuation of certain assets, such as real estate and business assets, in order to ensure a favorable property distribution of complex marital assets.  He understands that divorce is an emotionally trying time for you, and he strives to provide you with effective, efficient, and practical legal advice so that you can resolve issues related to the division of complex marital assets in a manner that achieves your goals and objectives.

Elliot Heidelberger is a Fellow of the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MATRIMONILA LAWYERS and has been named by his peers as an ILLINOIS LEADING LAWYER and SUPER LAWYER in the area of Family Law.  Contact us  at our Hanover Park and Chicago office (847) 497-5020 to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable Illinois complex marital estate attorney to learn more about your options with respect to the division of a complex marital estate.