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Business and asset valuation can have a significant impact on a divorce property distribution.  In Illinois, the court must make an equitable distribution of marital assets.   Oftentimes a significant marital asset, such as the family home or a business, cannot be easily divided between the two spouses.  In these situations, the business or asset must be evaluated so that a monetary value can be attached to the asset if one spouse is going to keep the asset and the other spouse is to receive cash, or other assets, in exchange for relinquishing his or her interest in the business or real estate.

Chicago business divorce attorney, Elliot Heidelberger understands the critical importance of ensuring that a business or other significant marital asset receives an accurate valuation in order to ensure a favorable and equitable property distribution for his clients.  With more than 45 years of experience representing clients with complex marital estates and high net worth clients, he understands the importance of consulting with a team of property division forensic analyst experts as part of the business or asset valuation process.

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Importance of Accurate Business Valuation

When a marital estate includes a business or other significant assets, an accurate valuation of the business and assets is imperative.  Because a variety of methods may be used to value the interest of each spouse in a business, the use of an inappropriate valuation method can have a detrimental effect on the property distribution. Hanover Park business divorce attorney, Elliot Heidelberger understands the importance of hiring a valuation expert to accurately determine the value of the business and its assets.

Valuation of a Family Business

When marital assets include a family-owned business, valuation issues can be further complicated by legal requirements.  Often, the value of a family-owned business may be discounted due to the inability of family members to sell their shares as a result of buy-sell agreements, or other shareholder agreements, they previously entered into.  The creation of a family-owned business often includes a significant amount of blood, sweat, and tears and, as a result, emotions are high when dealing with issues related to the division of the family business.

An experienced divorce attorney can help diffuse emotional arguments by advocating on your behalf. Elliott Heidelberger has significant experience helping clients with complex marital assets, including family-owned businesses, through divorce property division issues.  He will vigorously work to protect your rights and pursue a favorable property division settlement by seeking the appropriate business valuation.

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust

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