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Contrary to what most people assume, alimony (or spousal maintenance) is not ordered in all cases. Determining who receives orders for alimony and spousal maintenance are complex decisions. Court guidelines do not indicate the amount or the length of spousal maintenance. Since spousal support payments are contingent on a broad range of circumstances, it is important to have an experienced attorney represent you in the divorce process.

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Elliot Heidelberger has over forty-five years of experience dealing with complex divorce issues such as spousal maintenance and alimony. Our lawyer routinely works with clients to determine whether alimony and spousal support is appropriate for their divorce settlement.

In the last few years Illinois courts have expressed a preference by award a disproportionate division of the marital estate (property) instead of an award of alimony/spousal maintenance, where possible. When spousal support is ordered it is dependent on a broad range of issues including the current and past income of both parties, each party’s ability to earn income in the future, the amount of child support that is being paid at the same time, and each party’s age, health, employability and education.

Only after examining all of the social and financial issues involved in a divorce do we recommend to our clients whether or not spousal support should be part of their divorce settlement. Even when spousal maintenance is awarded the award is not always permanent. Generally, it is ordered for a period of time. That time may be followed by a review for future maintenance or it may terminate after the designated period of time. As circumstances change our attorneys may be able to obtain post-divorce modifications of alimony and spousal maintenance orders.

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Our spousal maintenance attorneys represent clients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. If you need legal advice regarding spousal maintenance and alimony, please contact Elliot Heidelberger. Our experienced spousal support lawyer will provide the legal advice necessary to protect our clients’ rights and interests.