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Elliot Heidelberger, has more than 45 years of experience helping men and women in Chicago, Cook County and the collar counties resolve legal issues regarding their marriage, property, children, business interests, financial planning, support, parentage and related concerns.

Guiding You Through the Process

Elliot Heidelberger understands that most people confronted with divorce never anticipated that they would find themselves in this situation, and there is no way to predict how one will react. People have a wide range of emotional responses, including fear of the unknown, anger, sadness, depression and, in some cases, relief. He is prepared to make this process as comfortable for his clients as possible.

Elliot Heidelberger has helped clients sort through the legal and emotional issues that become intertwined in these related legal proceedings. Our family law practice focuses on guiding clients through all family law issues, including:

Protecting the Interests of Children

Child Custody Attorney, Elliot Heidelberger places a special emphasis on family law issues that children face throughout the divorce process. Mr. Heidelberger is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). He has been named by his peers as an Illinois Leading Lawyer and Super Lawyer in the area of Family Law. In addition, judges have appointed him as a Guardian ad Litem and Children’s Representative in cases involving custody and visitation disputes.

Many of the issues associated with divorce have the potential to continue long after the divorce is final. This is especially true of issues related to children. These can continue through the completion of the post-high school education. Often we are called upon to enforce the terms of the divorce agreement and court orders when they are being ignored. Elliot Heidelberger and staff strive to develop and maintain relationships with our clients even after their divorces are final.

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Men and women often contact us to obtain information about their legal rights in case they or their spouses decide to file for a divorce in the future. If you have a question concerning a family law issue, please contact divorce law attorney Elliot Heidelberger at our Naperville, Hanover Park and Chicago offices 847-497-5020.

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